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All of us in Animal Holograms--myself, Danny, Marshall and Shannon--are constantly shocked by the unexpected support we get from people who listen to our music, buy our records, come out to our shows, make fan videos, send us emails and share our music with other people. You've been putting smiles on our faces and we'd like to offer something in return for the kindness we've been shown.

By subscribing to the Animal Holograms Community you'll get our entire back catalog (currently five albums), exclusive members-only releases, free admission to Animal Holograms shows anywhere in the US, Canada & Mexico, a free t-shirt and 50% ALL other t-shirts and other merchandise.

The first ten people to subscribe will also receive a SPECIAL EDITION double LP 12" vinyl edition of 'Phantasmagoric Menagerie' (including all 8 tracks and 4 early demos of "Black Cats", "Psychoasis", "Gypsy Droves" and "Hello, my Dark") on one disc and Marshall's band, KAVA's full length on the other disc. The 12" audiophile vinyl discs will have audio transferred from FLAC 32 Floating Bit/96kHZ master tracks, weigh 180g (instead of the standard 120g) and have a rotation speed of 45 rpm versus 33 1/2 all in the interest of achieving and offering the highest fidelity audio possible.

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  • For $25/year, you get everything above.
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    Free admission to all of our shows for one year from the date of subscription; FREE double 12" vinyl LP of "Phantasmagoric Menagerie" with bonus tracks and a vinyl copy of Marshall's other band, KAVA's, debut record (TBR December 2016)
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  • For $75/year, you get everything above, plus:
    VIP access to all Animal Holograms shows--shoot the breeze with a bunch of nerds in the green room and help yourself to the comped booze we tend not to dabble with much anyhow before performing; signed custom designed 11x17" gig poster by the artist, everyone in the band and whoever else you want to scribble their namesake on that beautiful matte finish, high resolution, limited piece of strange music history; have your name printed in the liner notes for the album following your subscription thanking you personally
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Animal Holograms
Chicago, Illinois
Psych-rock sextet sometimes labeled a grungegaze "outfit?" making dream pop music for downtrodden scumbag droves sporting mothball, over-sized flannel & fashionably expressive shredded, sewer-stained, denim heirlooms called "My fucking jeans, you fascist!". We're admittedly naive to the grunge/90's alt rock revival subculture apparently all the rage suddenly...

Jason, Alex, Zach, Sarah & Danny

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