by Jason Williams

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'+|-' is the third full length release by Animal Holograms. The songs deviate stylistically​ ​from the band's relatively distinct auricular aesthetic cultivated over the course of the four years (2012-2016) prior.

'+|-' is to previous and future Animal Holograms records what Halloween III: Season of the Witch is to the previous two Halloween films and the Halloween films that followed. That film had no connection to Michael Myers nor did it further the narrative set in motion by the first Halloween film and it's sequel. 'Phantasmagoric Menagerie' did something that can't be undone. It set the tone for future records yet to be dreamed up and created for better or for worse.


released January 5, 2017

Jason Williams is responsible for this thing...



all rights reserved


Animal Holograms Chicago, Illinois

Psych-rock sextet sometimes labeled a grungegaze "outfit?" making dream pop music for downtrodden scumbag droves sporting mothball, over-sized flannel & fashionably expressive shredded, sewer-stained, denim heirlooms called "My fucking jeans, you fascist!". We're admittedly naive to the grunge/90's alt rock revival subculture apparently all the rage suddenly...

Jason, Alex, Zach, Sarah & Danny
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Track Name: The Ghost
I can remember when I first imagined blood
The smell stale and brittle
Like puddles pooled at dawn
It sticks with me still
Now I don't even know
If what I smell is the real thing
Or my ghost
From a memory I conjured out of nothing
Babies trying to fuse words into the world
Making inside matching with the outside
What are we other than in our heads?
Track Name: Messianica (2012 demo)
Lyrics by Jason Williams

Cart me off to Heaven now
I'm ready to rid myself of you
I've had my fill of punishments
Afflictions I've always insisted upon
Inciting the end,
And provoking the weapon
Checking the impulse, la dee da
Oh, why don't we just end it all now?

My hate and my guilt
for which there is no cure
Aimed, locked perfectly onto course
Inciting the end,
And provoking the weapon
Checking the impulse, la dee da
Oh, why don't we just end it all now?
Track Name: Apple Skies
You stood in the shadow
Of a giant horse
Boundedby the contrast
Of the gradients
Your feet stayed within
The dark space it laid
From slow trot to full gallop
You kept perfect pace with the leg
You were born in the tiny entrails
Of a worm
Cradled in quiet Peace by the naive
Lining of a stomach
Planes sear across an Apple Sky

Waking up the children from their
Comas in the night
There is word of a miracle
It spreads just like a lie
Magic and hellfire

You imagined you were me
Far away from our old (?)
You watched yourself swallowed into
The mighty Fold
Oh, entangled in two
A slow and violent
The birds, me, you and the (?)

You were buried in the empty
Eyes of the birds
I dug you up and carried your sorrows
Off on my shoulder
The steadfast and quiet
Waves of eighteen years
Collided with the air
That had been
Ripened deep inside of your lungs
In the tiny moment
When our faces took a chance
Chasing curious impulses
Track Name: Being with You Is...
Being with you is
Like being underwater
Suffocating with all my
Awareness intact

Being with you is
Like being led to slaughter
Track Name: Oh, How They Dance After the Kill (live improvisation)
Oh, how they dance after a kill
And still the laughter lingers in the air
It's fair, for everything will come around
And everything will come around
Around, I thought I saw someone at the door, it's no one
Someone's at the door
There's someone at my door

Oh, I'm just dumb and bloodied up
I cut my teeth into the stone
I'm cold now, I'm sleeping as I'm swallowed up whole
Into the dirt and the canyon folds